Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sometimes less is more

In some stories, the first sentence tells you everything you need to know.
In brilliant strokes you have a general idea of what the end result looks like. Yes, the details may be a little fuzzy, but those can be filled in later. You learn the moral of the story, and whether it will make you cringe or sigh. All of the information can be packed into one small, possibly innocent, sentence.

For instance, in high school, my brother's friend started a story with:
"Last year I drove a semi truck into my neighbor's garage."
Collectively everyone in the room fell silent as we processed this information. With that opening remark we discovered that 1)this was a tale of impaired judgement, 2)It wasn't a fatal accident, and 3) my parents would be supervising all his visits from there on out.

Sometimes writing in a blog is like that. I have a story to tell. I want to vividly paint it out for you to read, but the first line packs so much information into it, that I am emotionally spent just typing it out.
The following sentence reveals that 1)this is a tale of impaired judgement, 2) it hasn't been fatal, and 3)I probably need supervision.

While on a cleaning bend, I decided to wax my living room floor.

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  1. I didn't know our floors could be waxed because of the coating that was on them?? LOL..... I think you need to share the rest of the story!