Saturday, August 28, 2010

A hunting we will go

I have been working on a very time consuming project for a few months. It's no where near done, but I have a delightful sense of accomplishment for what is finished so far.
When I first started the project it took all my time and left me feeling exhausted. Thankfully I had some salvation! Now that the deployment is over the father-son combo in my house have been trying to make up for lost time, and they share a passion for cooking(!). So for a few weeks they took over kitchen duties. It was PURE BLISS!

Now the tables have changed. Sweet husband decided to end a 15 year relationship with his glasses. And rather quickly the staff at the Warrior Refractive Surgery Center had scheduled a hot date between him and the laser. He has orders to sleep as much as possible for the first 3 days, and to not raise his heart rate for the first week. So basically I have a husband who has to do a lot of resting, and a 5 year old who cannot understand why his Papa is at home at NOT playing with him.

After we returned home from the surgery, Alex helped me put his Papa to bed and then we headed to the kitchen to make grape jelly. That kept us occupied for most of the day.
The next day we had a post op appointment. So Alex spent the morning with a friend and then we had a friend come over for a few hours in the afternoon.
Today I've got nothing.
We could go to the pool... Or bathe the dog... I could take a nap....

Friday, August 6, 2010


Do you want to know a secret?

I love baking.

I mean, seriously truely love baking. It's like a spiritual therapy that I get to enjoy twice. Once while baking, once while eating.

I made oatmeal raisin cookies last week. They were soft and delicious. Biting into one of them made me feel like I was suspended on a peaceful quiet cloud. Mmmmm.... Bliss.

In a pure June Cleaver moment, I piled a small plate with the freshly baked cookies, poured a cold glass of almond milk and presented my efforts to the small dictator. After the fourth cookie, the small dictator announced that he was HORRIFIED the cookies did not contain chocolate chips. *GASP* And that the best oatmeal raisin cookies contain no more than one raisin per cookie.

That's what I get for sharing.