Sunday, February 5, 2012

FPAD Over The Weekend

Day 4- A Stranger

I will never make it as a private investigator.

I took my camera with me as thee boys and I went all over the city completing our usual weekend errands. Every time I pressed the power button on my camera, a niggling feeling of discomfort settled over me like the thin paper sheet hospitals enjoy making people wear.
I won't lie. I kept chickening out.

Finally, at 10 pm, I saw my chances of completing the challenge honestly, start sliding away from me... Not unlike the puck in a game of air hockey. It was 46 degrees outside, and most people were tucked snugly into their own houses. It was then that a halo of porch light illuminated my neighbors- who, I have never met. They were sitting outside on their porch watching television. Personally, I don't understand the concept, but I was trying to sneak photos of them from my dining room window. Who am I to judge?

What's that? You can't see them? Oh maybe this shot will help.

I couldn't bring myself to take anymore. I just couldn't shake of "I'm-a-creepy-stalker".

Day 5- 10 AM

10 am found me sitting in our church nursery nursing Spain.

Our church nursery doesn't have "NO" plastered on the wall, it's an alphabet decal.

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