Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Eight Year Olds

Eight year olds are awesome!
They sleep through the night.
They're already potty trained.
They can feed themselves.
They bathe themselves.
They can articulate fairly well and grasp so many different concepts. Eight Year olds are AMAZING!

If you're looking to adopt, I highly recommend them.

However, eight year olds do have a few drawbacks.

They love building their knowledge base, and they love to share this info.

How is this a drawback?

Let me give you an example.

I had just sent Alex to ask Sweet Husband to come into the kitchen for a minute. This is the conversation that took place when Alex returned from his task.

Alex: Papa said he'll be here in a minute. He's pooping.

Me: Ok. Thank you.

Alex: He didn't tell me he was pooping. I just knew.

Me: Ok. I don't care.

(Yes, I told him I didn't care about something that was important to him. I have no shot at Mother of the Year.)

Alex: You want to know how I knew he was pooping?

Me: NO!

I mean, geez kid, I'm trying to keep some of the mystery alive here!