Friday, April 29, 2016

Positively Medieval.

Recently, Alex had an opportunity to go on an overnight field trip with one of our local homeschool support groups. The students were able to do an in-depth tour of a navy warship, including all the perks of eating in the mess hall and sleeping in the bunks.
The students also got to learn about military showers; A two minute showering process to conserve water.

Now, I wasn't there to hear the explanation the kids got, but what Alex took away from the experience was: Two. Minute. Shower. 

"I'm going to take a MILITARY shower." he announced, after a sweaty day outside.
"Perfect." I responded, as I worked on herding Spain and Luke inside.

Two and a half minutes later, Alex reappeared. His hair was mostly dry, his skin slightly damp, and the sweaty outdoorsy smell still clung to him.

"Did you use soap?" I asked. Alex rolled his eyes (**Side note; dude, you're not a teenager yet!!!!!**)
"Mama, I took a MILITARY shower. It can only be two minutes long."

I closed my eyes to pray for strength. "Alex, go take a shower and use soap." I opened my eyes and stared into his soul, using "mom eyes #7: Don't argue". 

He sighed*, prayed for strength, and tried to explain "Mama, MILITARY showers-"
"No." I interrupted "Personal hygiene is one of the main MILITARY uses for soap. GO. TAKE. A. SHOWER."

This brings back memories of my school days, and all the lectures about learning the proper way of doing something before learning shortcuts. So nothing is lost in translation.

*Clearly I need to practice on Mom eyes #7; Don't argue. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Every child has a super power.

Luke's is finding markers.

What's that?

You have a couple Sharpies hidden on top of a tall shelf, behind the closed and locked doors of your secret laboratory; That can only be accessed through retina scanning and DNA confirmation?

Yeah.... He found those ten minutes ago. Congrats on the one of a kind flooring.