Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Bitersweet Milestone

Dear May,
There's no hurry for you to get here. I need to snuggle with my baby just a little bit longer. His infancy slipped away while I was distracted. I know I'm living on borrowed time. Soon he'll be popping locks, denouncing crazy mathematical ideas like multiplication, trying to hone his secret super hero powers, and making me blush as I try to explain basic human biological functions in a way that he can understand without laughing. The majority of this will happen while I'm doing something trivial, like making dinner.

I know I'm going to make lots of alcoholic references in his honor over the next four decades. I'm going to wish him back to infancy more times than I'll be able to count. I know I'll wish him to adulthood a few times too. I'll spend a lot of time second guessing decisions about his care. I'll pray that he doesn't feel lost in the shadows of his brothers.
I know even when I'm bursting with pride and happiness with his accomplishments, I'll still feel a pang of wistfulness for his babyhood.

So May, feel free to take the scenic route. Stop by the beach. Take the Hollywood tour. I hear Legoland is beautiful this time of year. Just please, take your time coming to our house. I'll be cuddling this baby and savoring the last few hours we have left together, before he turns one.