Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facebook Evidence

  • Something happens every Wednesday. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, without fail. It probably has something to do with the spacial orbit of the moon, the fact that there is a "W" in the word "Wednesday", or maybe slow sales from the liquor store down the street. 
    Every Wednesday Alex and Spain stare forlornly out the window, sighing and counting every second until Sweet Husband gets home. 

    Last Wednesday:May:
    Both boys are standing at the screen door waiting for you. David keeps calling "Papa!" and Marcus chimes in with an occasional "Where are you papa?". They're little lost souls....
  • Sweet Husband:

    LOL...Poor guys.

    Sweet Husband came home for lunch like thirty minutes later. They were so overjoyed they started doing blackflips and singing praises. For real.
    When he left an hour later their worlds came crashing down.

    This Wednesday:
    • May:
      They're already chanting "When's Papa going to be home? Is he coming home? Where is PAPA?!"

      Sweet Husband:
    • Man...I thought that it was going to be sooner. They held out for a while.

    • They started at 10:50. I just didn't want to turn the computer on.

    I'm pretty sure 5:00 took 3 days to get here.