Monday, February 6, 2012

Orange Corduroy Overalls

Someday, hopefully in the distant future, I will make a fantastic senile person.

I firmly believe that there are three types of people. Those who sort their laundry, those who don't, and those who can't commit. I fall perfectly into the last category.

One day while doing laundry, I put a pair of orange corduroy overalls that I had picked up at a children's resale shop into the washing machine. I have become emotionally attached to these overalls because a) they are corduroy overalls and b) I like my children to look like part of the original sesame street cast.
Fast forward three hours later, when I remembered that I had clean laundry in the washing machine. As soon as I opened the lid to the washing machine, my eye caught a swatch of orange corduroy Those would make fantastic overalls! I thought to myself

I should have been elated when I pulled them out and discovered that they were already overalls, but instead I felt a small pang of melancholy wistfulness for the overalls that I would not get to make.

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