Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Force is Strong

Spain is obsessed with Star Wars. And I do mean "obsessed". It doesn't matter that he's never seen Star Wars. To be honest, all his Star Wars knowledge comes from Angry Birds, LEGO and Jeffrey Brown books.

Last night Spain strapped on a Rockband guitar, and treated me to an impromptu concert.

"When I talk to you, you guys answer by yelling "YEEAAAHH!" or "WHOOOO", okay?"


"Who's ready for a song??!!"

"Yeeeeaaahh. Whhooooo."


"Yeah! Whoo!"

"Okay. Now I can hear you! *Starts humming a ballad*
I'm Darth Vader. 
I will control you.
You are under my contr-ol"

*I've realized that I constantly trail off sentences. It gives me time to figure out whether or not I should be afraid.