Monday, February 27, 2012

Mom Points

Some days I don't feel like functioning. I want to spend all day just recharging my batteries. No emergencies to deal with. Nothing pressing to handle. No decisions to make. Most of the time, these days are accompanied by illness, ick, or general discomfort.
I dream of a time when I can be ill, and stay in bed sipping hot tea and sleeping. My nine year old self had no idea how good I had it.

Today I woke up with a feeling of general ick. My sinuses were going crazy, and my head was not amused. Luckily my gravelly "smoker's" voice had disappeared.
Of course days like today I feel like my worth is only equal to what I rack up in "Mom points".

Today's scorecard looks like this:

Let Alex play the Wii so I could sleep -5 Mom Points
Got out of bed, with a throbbing headache and beginning of a sinus infection +15 Mom points

Feed the boys breakfast before 10am +10 Mom Points
Let Alex have frosted cereal for breakfast -5 Mom points
Made him eat a banana +2 Mom Points

Cleaned Alex's bathroom +5 Mom points
Let Alex veg in front of the TV so I could clean the bathroom -5 Mom Points

Fed the boys lunch before 1pm +5 mom points-
Used canned green beans with a side of BPA -4 Mom Points
Tried to make bread +10 Mom Points
Wash dishes +5 Mom Points
Turned into "shrieky mom" -15 Mom Points

Washed diapers +5 Mom Points
Laid on the couch and pretended not to see the laundry that needed folded -7 Mom Points

Nursed Spain +25 Mom Points

Make yogurt +4 Mom Points
Feed the boys dinner before 7pm +5 Mom Points

Survive until bedtime +5 Mom Points

I could try to shoot for for a few more Mom Points, before I go to bed. Then again, my sinuses are throbbing and my head wants to fall off. I think I'll just be satisfied that I have not gone into the negatives today.

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  1. Aww you poor thing! You should have called me for reinforcements!