Friday, October 31, 2014

Skipping Halloween

Since becoming a parent, I've looked forward to Halloween with unabashed glee. I love planning out and creating costumes for the family. I love making costumes! So when we decided not to "do" Halloween this year, I was torn.

Growing up Halloween night was spent either at a church function dressed as a bible character or having a junk food and movie night at home. To be completely honest, all I wanted to do was dress up and pretend that I was a character in my favorite book. A resourceful medieval princess. A quick-witted gypsy, a daring detective.... I wanted the freedom to try out different qualities that my literary heroines had.

When Alex was born, I enthusiastically greeted Halloween. Making costumes was something I could spend months on. Working on the details to get everything just so. I know I sound like a snob, but I wanted costumes as close to authentic as I could make them. Admittedly some years were better than others.

I know this sounds naive, but while I looked at Halloween as a way to explore and pretend I was someone else, I've discovered that many people see it as a free pass to terrify and scare other people. 
The last few years, it's getting harder and harder to ignore the fake blood pouring out of people, the weapons sticking out of people, depictions of torture and murder. 
For some people it's just fantasy play, but for us it hits too close to home. We've had neighbors that were burn victims, we've had friends that were purposefully murdered by people they knew. We've known heroes that sacrificed their lives for someone else. We've spent countless hours praying for the lives and safety of family members.

There's enough to fear right now. I don't need a night of recreational fear.

I want my children to stay in a bubble of innocence as long as possible. So this year will be our first non-Halloween.

Even though I didn't make any costumes this year, I am making brownies, so it's a win-win situation.