Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day three (written last week)

Today has revolved around teeth. The boys and I started the morning by packing up, diapers, books, bouncy seat and borrowed GPS and setting out on a epic journey to find a specific dental clinic. The military likes to keep people on their toes, instead of addresses, they prefer building numbers, and no, the numbers are not sequential. Since I was venturing into a completely foreign area, I halfway expected to get lost. I was armed with a GPS, and directions to the clinic from one of the staff members, so I hoped my paranoia would be just that.

I made it within two blocks of the clinic before getting lost.
I drove up and down the stretch of road, searching for some clue as to where I was. before I broke down and called the clinic for a little help.

“I’m pretty sure I’m completely lost.”

“Are you on the bowling alley side?”

“I passed a bowling alley when I came in.”

“And you see a McDonalds?”

“Well, it’s behind me. It’s off base on the other side of the gate.”

“Where are you now? Do you see any landmarks?”

“I’m at the corner Dentalclinic Ave and Thatplace RD. There’s a big water tower.”

“A Water tower? Where’s the water tower?”

“It’s to my right, and there are planes to my left.”

“You see airplanes?!

“Yes… Err… or probably jets. They fly in the sky. They’re all over the place! ”

“…. *talking in background* Is there anything else? Signs? Flags?”

“Okay, there’s a sign for the Airman museum.”

“Does it say “Special forces”?”

“It says “airman”. Okay I’m at the fire station on Imsolost blvd and Whathaveigotteninto Dr.”

“...We have a fire station?”

At this point I had a minor meltdown and started describing everything around in vivid detail. Thankfully something finally clicked.

“Okay, go left on Dentalclinic Ave”

”Going left… Okay I’m coming up to the museum sign again.”

“Does it say special forces?”

“… It still says “airman”.”

“What the-”

At this point I was driving past the building with the museum sign in front of it, and beheld the most wonderful sight. “J.D Dental Clinic” written in a small nook over the front door.

“DENTAL CLINC!!!!!” I screeched into my helper’s ear. “I found it!”

“Oh good.” Came the reply “I still have no idea where you were.”

Later that night, I was feeding Spain on the couch, when Alex emerged from the bathroom where he had been brushing his teeth in preparation for bed.


“Yes, bug?”

“I lost my tooth. It just came out.”

Alex’s first tooth (again).
I’d been preparing myself for this, since last month when our family dentist mentioned that Alex had a loose tooth. I just thought I had a little more time to prepare. But here we are. Alex is losing teeth, Spain is getting teeth. I have two sons teething at the same time.

“Mama, I’m just so proud of myself!” Alex confided to me, as I hugged him close.

“Sweetie, I’m so proud of you too!”

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  1. I think that day called for some Mango Rum! Do you do the toothfairy thing?