Thursday, October 1, 2015

They're Cute..... And Wiley.

Bedtime rituals are taken pretty seriously in our house. They've slowly evolved over the years into what we currently have.

-Wheel of Fortune (yes, we're that family)
-Tea and snack
-Teeth brushing
-Into bed

The goal is to have Spain in bed at 8, so we tend to cut out story time if the boys are dragging their feet.

One night, Spain was running on his own time zone. It was ten minutes to 8, and Spain was running around the couch, clad only in his underwear and waving his pajamas like flags. Sweet husband announced "no story tonight.". Spain immediately bounded to Sweet Husband and thrust his pajamas at him "Papa, I just need help" he explained. Sweet Husband helped Spain into his pajamas, and reminded him that it was almost bedtime. Spain looked up with angelic big green eyes and his halo of curls, and in a soft sweet voice said "Please papa. Just one story?"

Sweet Husband relented. "One page." he told Spain. "Go pick out a book, and I'll read one page to you."

Spain sped off to pick out his promised story, and returned almost immediately holding our copy of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

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