Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stranded. Tales from an Outnumbered Mother

Though I am recovering, the Mostly Bald One is still plagued by this foreign virus. I spend hours each night helping him find enough comfort so he can sleep. My eyes are gritty from sleep deprecation, and I find myself wishing I could sleep while standing- Without risk of bodily harm.

Things between the Tall Redheaded One and the Curly Haired One are slowly escalating. Tonight the Curly Haired One focused on preventing the Tall Redheaded One from sleeping. For hours, I listened as the Curly Haired One kept up a constant barrage of jokes, songs, folklore, epic poems, personal philosophy and scientific fact, all designed to keep the Tall Redheaded One from sleeping.
During a particularly dry monologue, I tried to help Tall Redheaded One sneak into a deserted area of our camp to find some blessed peace. Unfortunately the Tall Redheaded One did not approve of abandoning his spot in the camp and complained loudly for quite some time.

I had hoped that we could search for another diversion, but the Mostly Bald One's illness is keeping us close to camp. 


I woke this morning to a barrage of questions. The Curly Haired One and Tall Redheaded One presented a united front as they requested the resources needed to study small animated creatures. I granted permission, and tried to sink back into the sweet embrace of sleep, when the Mostly Bald one bolted up from a sound sleep and launched an attack upon my person. The struggle was fierce, but short lived. A loud THUD came from the other side of the camp and diverted the Mostly Bald One's attention, allowing me to escape with my eyes intact.

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