Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dirty Diapers-

 How Do I Use My Flats?

Well obviously, I'm using flats as diapers. My fold of choice is a basic rectangle fold.
I start by laying my flat on the floor.

Then I fold it into thirds. If It's a narrower receiving blanket, then I will just fold it in half.

For the Spain's size*, the diaper needs to be about half the length. I fold one end over. This will be the front of my diaper.  

I fold the flap over one more time. My diaper is now a good size for Spain. 

To put this diaper on Spain, I bring the front corners together. This will make a nice leg gusset to contain any nastiness that might try to escape.

Time to add a little baby.

Then I pin the diaper one side at a time.

And we're done!

*I figured this out through trial and error. I fold the diaper, stick Spain on it and then see if I need to make it shorter or longer.

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