Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Sometimes it's hard to be Alex.
Especially when you throw an uncle who's younger than you into the mix.

Yes, you read that correctly. Alex has an uncle that is younger than him... Eleven months and three days younger to be precise.
It leads to an interesting dynamic when we go visit. Alex firmly believes that since he is older... And slightly taller, he should have the privilege of making more decisions, and choosing activities than his uncle. Whereas Uncle Uri believes that his position of "uncle" deserves the utmost respect and power, regardless of his youth.

On there hand, they manage to surprise me quite frequently. We were recently cruising the aisles of Target together. Uncle Uri and Alex were seating in the basket of the shopping cart speaking in low tones together while I was searching for something for Sweet Husband. I sudden;y caught a snippet of their conversation and tuned in.

Alex: Jesus is God. And God is good.
Uncle Uri: That's right. We love Jesus. I love Jesus.
Alex: And we need to avoid idols!
Alex: Yes. The Devil is an Idol. And Idols are....
Both: BAD!!!
Uncle Uri: Say "NO" to idols.
Alex: Yes. Say "No" to Idols.

And then they began to sing "Let your light shine".

I never thought I would push a revival through the aisles of Target.

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  1. That is so sweet. I remember my little sister telling strangers "you know what? God loves you."