Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wanna Know A Secret?

A funny thing happens when you find yourself pregnant for the third (or more) time, and your other children are both boys*.

Suddenly the pressure is on. Everyone you know begins to send pink baby dust your way. 
Random strangers on the street smile at you knowingly and say "Trying for a girl?"

Even though we've only recently announced our pregnancy, we've gotten everything from "PLEASE have a girl!!" to "You DO want a girl, right?!"

Well since I was asked, I will share my heart's desire.

What I want…… What I really really really want…..

Is to stop throwing up. Seriously.

If we have a boy, it's going to be awesome!! 

If we have a girl, it's going to be awesome!!

As far as the sex of this baby goes, boy or girl, it doesn't matter to me. I am just praying for a strong, healthy, full-term baby.

The boys however, do not share my enthusiasm.

Alex would like a sister. He figures, he's got a brother, why not a sister to complete the set.

Spain would like a robot. Robots are awesome! They walk funny, and sometimes dance. oh, and the best part; THEY'RE ROBOTS!!!

*I have no doubt that this happens in families full of girls too.

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