Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sleep Is For The Weak!

I've suspected for awhile that Sweet Husband secretly believes I'm overly dramatic about Spain's aversion to sleep.

To put everything into perspective, during the last deployment The No-Cry Sleep Solution never left my bedside. I read it daily, putting everything into practice. It would still take me HOURS to get him to fall asleep.

We've finally reached a plateau of understanding; bedtime takes a minimum of 2 hours every night, that covers: pajamafication, stories, cuddling, teeth brushing, diaper changing, and nursing, not in that order.

I don't let him sleep past 3pm and he normally lets me fall asleep before midnight.

Last weekend, after unsuccessfully attempting to get Spain to nap, I tapped out. Sweet Husband was planning on dropping a friend off at home, and I had high hopes that the gentle lull of the drive would help Spain fall asleep. Spain and Sweet Husband left.

An hour later I noticed they still weren't back. As I was deciding whether or not to start frantically calling Sweet Husband's cell phone, I heard the back door open. Spain's voice filled the house as he chattered away, shrieking in delight over something outside. Sweet Husband walked slowly into the living room. Shock, disbelief and horror radiated out from him.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Sweet Husband shook his head slowly, "Spain started to go to sleep in the car, but every time his eyes drifted shut, he would open them, stare into the mirror above his carseat and yell "HEY! YOU! NO SLEEPING!!!!""

I stifled a laugh.

Sweet Husband's eyes filled with horror as he continued "We drove around for a long time, but the same thing happened over and  over. He just kept yelling "Hey! you! no sleeping!!!!!"".

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I found Spain slapping himself to stay awake a few days later.

Not gonna lie, I'm a little worried.

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